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Easy Integration

Integrates with all website and ecommerce platforms

UberExit✚ works everywhere with every CMS-system, and we have made it simple for you. All you have to do is to copy paste a javascript snippet code once. When you have done this, your UberExit✚ will be up and running, and you do not have to do anything else.

  • Beautiful designs

    Create visually stunning campaigns that are optimized for the highest conversion rates.

  • Unlimited campaigns

    Create unlimited number of campaigns on unlimited number of websites, domains, language versions etc.

  • Responsive

    UberExit✚ is optimized for all devices: desktops, tablets and smart phones.

  • Campaigns in all forms ans shapes

    Use popups, slide ins, top bars, exit boxes and more. UberExit✚ campaigns come in all shapes.

  • Hide for existing users

    Don't want to annoy your existing users with campaigns? No problem!

  • Analytics

    Find out which campaigns yield the best results.

  • Targeting

    Target specific segments of your audience with unique offers to meet their needs.

  • Exit intent

    Detect the precise millisecond that a visitor is leaving your website and show them your offer.

  • A/B split testing

    Maximize your UberExit✚ campaigns and test your hypotheses and theories with A/B split testing.

We are in open beta!

Get your account now and be one of the first to increase your site's conversion rate.

Convert abandoning visitors

98% of first time visitors won't convert

75% will probably never convert and most visitors browse your site without any valuable action... meaning money spent on inbound marketing is wasted.

Don't let it go to waste and catch abandoning visitors attention with UberExit✚ to finaly convert them.

Don't leave, yet

Retarget abandoning visitors

UberExit✚ constantly monitors your site visitors exit intent. When your visitors are likely to leave, it triggers your conversion offer.

So, right before your visitors are about to hit that "X" or "Browser Back Button" we trigger your campaign.

User behaviour


UberExit✚ tracks mouse movements and positioning, thus anticipating when your visitors are about to leave your site.

Your offers are important and with UberExit✚ you can make sure they see your eye-candy campaign.

  • Simplicity

    Be ready to run in less than 10 minutes: Just add a single line of code and trigger attention-grabbing layers for your abandoning website visitors. It is a really simple integration!

  • Lots of templates

    No need for a designer or a conversion specialist: We pre-built multiple performance templates for you. All of which have been thoroughly field-tested for optimal results. Of course, you are free to build your own custom templates.

  • No more invites

    UberExit✚ is now in open beta. During this time we offer all accounts at a discounted rate. All closed beta invitees will never have to pay for their account. All account plans will remain at the exact same price forever (including the free closed beta invitee plans). Even after public launch! So sign up today and secure your account price.

  • Data love

    Our campaign dashboards beautifully displays everything you need to make informed decisions to increase your conversion rates, such as visits, bounce rate, form submissions, clickthroughs, conversion rates and much more. Even start A/B-Testing your campaigns and edit running campaigns on the fly. What are your waiting for? Go ahead and achieve incredible ROI.

  • Dedicated support

    We have a lengthy track record of successful conversion optimizations and have done it for years. If you need our help, we can take a look at your account (if you let us) and give hints in how to improve your running campaigns. To top it all off, you get exclusive access to our monthly optimization newsletter with the latest trends, case studies and campaign inspirations!

So, how does it work?

UberExit✚ is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to start converting abandoning site visitors into customers within minutes.

  • Step 1

    Create your account

    Select your plan and head over to the account creation page. Enter your details and you are ready to go. Simple.

  • Step 2

    Create a campaign

    Once your account is created, simply click the button to add a new campaign and a default campaign is created for you. Enter some content to your campaign and you're done.

  • Step 3

    Get your site snippet

    Your campaign detail page holds a small Javascript-snippet, which you should copy/paste to your site, add to your tag management solution (like Google Tagmanager) or you could simply send it to your developer. Once this snippet has been placed on your site you are truly done!

  • Step 4


    Lay back and enjoy the ride. Your dashboard holds all important data at your fingertips, such as triggered views, engagement, conversion rates of your campaigns and much more. Fine tune your campaigns as you see fit.


Take a look at our plans. We have gone great lengths to offer you the best possible service for the smallest amount imaginable.
The Pro Plan for $19 which can rake in thousands of lost revenue dollars is an outright steal. We most certainly will increase our pricing once we are out of beta. So secure your deal today!

Enterprise Plan

$99 monthly (or $999 annually)

Up to 100.000 monthly visits
Unlimited active campaigns
No branding on campaigns

For those running traffic heavy sites. It's basically the Pro Plan, but cheaper since you get even more monthly visits.

Choose Plan

Pro Plan

$19 monthly (or $199 annually)

Up to 12.000 monthly visits
Unlimited active campaigns
No branding on campaigns

The best bang for your buck. Everything you really need in one cheap package. It is even cheaper if you go yearly.

Choose Plan
Not sure? Get our free 30 Day Pro Plan Trial. Psst, we also have the forever free Early Bird Plan, with up to 500 monthly visits, max. 1 active campaign and with a modest branding on exits. Hurry though, only 72 available slots left.